By Amber Hayes, Cultural Outreach Assistant

Wow, we just blinked and 2015 was over! Well, it’s out with the old and in with the new. Here are the Work and Travel department’s resolutions for the New Year:

“My resolution for the New Year is to attend my Zumba class at least 3 times each week!”
“I want to get a big dog.”
“I will exercise 20 minutes each day.”
“I want to be more organized and have less clutter in my house.”
“I’m going to try to read 150 books.”
“I don’t make resolutions anymore. What is the point if I never even look at them?”
“I resolve to finish what I start.”
“I want to fit into that green dress I bought.”
“In 2016, I want to become a better listener.”
“Travel, travel, travel!”
“Accomplish all my resolutions from the previous year!”

Is your resolution to travel this year? Consider the Work and Travel program with CCI Greenheart! Visit CCI Greenheart Work and Travel for more information on the cultural programs we offer.