By: Lindsey Pawlowski, Work and Travel Intern

Our Going Greenheart Tour for the Summer 2014 Work and Travel Job Fair season is unfortunately approaching its end, but we are reflecting on the amazing accomplishments from each stop. The latest stop was in Amman, home to about two million people and the capital of Jordan.

While in Amman, CCI Greenheart staff member, Adriana Klopfer, and several American employers met with Jordanian participants, and keeping on par with previous Job Fairs – it was a success! Then, after the fair, participants teamed up with employers and for a Greenheart Project at Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization for Relief and Development (JHCO).


JHCO is a non-profit organization offering humanitarian assistance to those in need as a result of conflict, natural disaster and poverty. One form of assistance is providing clothes to the needy. JHCO’s warehouse houses clothing where impoverished Jordanians can pick out clothes and shoes. During the Greenheart Project, the CCI Greenheart team helped out by sorting clothes.

Everyone spent the day helping sort clothes into different categories such as women’s winter clothes, men’s winter clothes, shoes and miscellaneous (a new word that Jordanians had fun practicing!). This was a great opportunity for the participants to share their culture with American employers, to get to know each other before working and traveling together this summer, and explore what it means to volunteer with the Greenheart Club.


After an eventful visit in Amman, CCI Greenheart staff and employers took an excursion to Petra. An ancient city built as early as 312 BCE, Petra is home to the renowned site of Al Khazneh. Al Khazneh, or “The Treasury,” was not a financial institution, but is thought to have been a temple or a crypt possibly hiding pirate treasure. The intricate façade was carved into a sandstone cliff over 2,000 years ago, yet it is still awe-inspiring edifice attracting tourists from all across the world.


The experiences shared with our participants from Jordan exemplifies CCI Greenheart’s mission of cultural exchange and community engagement. We know that the Jordanians, as well as participants from each country we have visited, will take this to heart during their adventures to the United States this summer!