By Leslie Patt, Work and Travel Policy and Compliance Manager

In early January, Daniel Ebert, CCI Greenheart’s Vice President, and Leslie Patt, Policy and Compliance Manager, traveled to North Dakota to visit Summer Work Travel employers and participants and to participate in a Greenheart Project with the Salvation Army Family Store in Williston!

Eight participants and three representatives from one of our employers at the local McDonald’s arrived in the late afternoon to volunteer. Kathy McGaughey and Kristen Oxendahl, representatives from Salvation Army, showed everyone around the facility so we could see everything they do. The store, located in the center of town, is very large and includes a huge basement where most of the items are sorted. They have a great need for volunteers due to the amount of donations they receive – the piles of clothes must be gone through one by one to select the items that are able to be sold. The items that are not sold are bundled and made ready to be shipped to developing countries.

Our participants and employers were split into groups to tackle some of the more pressing tasks; some sorted and shelved books, while others stocked the shoe racks and sorted clothes. After volunteering, all of the volunteers talked with other SWT participants about their U.S. experiences, while enjoying a pizza meal. Some participants hope to continue volunteering at the store!

CCI Greenheart looks forward to a great relationship with the Salvation Army Family Store in Williston, North Dakota and hopes to do more events in future seasons!