By: Qinyan Guo (Carly), Work and Travel Ambassador Scholar

Qinyan Guo (known as Carly) is from Changchun, China. This is her second year on the Work and Travel program, and this year she is placed in Williston, North Dakota. Learn how much fun being an Ambassador Scholar is in Williston for Carly!

Time flies, especially when you are happy. It is already August 2nd and I love this small town; love every moment I have spent and will spend here.

Enjoying American and Chinese food.

Enjoying American and Chinese food.

Thanks to my friend, I have tried different kinds of western food like potato chips, Red Lobster, Taco John, Italian restaurants, Spanish restaurants, and then of course we cannot forget one thing… American Chinese restaurants and homemade food! The last time I was on the Work & Travel program, I fell in love with American food, and gained weight. Thankfully, Williston is a small town and we do not have a vehicle, so I can work off my appetite with walking!

Celebrating American birthdays.

Celebrating American birthdays.

I have made a lot of friends here. Not only are these friends Americans, they also come from Jamaica, Jordan, and Thailand. Recently, my cute and lovely roommate Ruby had her 21st birthday here. We had a small birthday party for her with our friends from Jordan. This has been my first encounter with the Jordanian culture. I learned that it is located in the middle of Asia and their way of cooking is a combination of western and Chinese cuisines.

Chevy is an American girl we met here and she is also new to Williston, like me! Since both of us did not have friends at the beginning, we became friends quickly. She is a really sweet girl and I often go to her house and cook very simple Chinese dishes. Her and her friends loved it! Chevy is a really independent girl. I also learned a lot from her. For example, in America, students in high school and college can work during their summer and winter vacations, but in China, we spend most of our time studying. I think we could learn this quality from the Americans – that school studies are not the only important thing, we should also practice our social skills too.

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American friends!!

The second day I came to America, I went to visit my former teacher, Brian. He was an English teacher in my school back in China. It was so weird to see him again, and it happened to be in America this time. I never thought I would meet him again. We had a small gathering in his friend’s house. His friends asked a lot of questions about China, which made me so proud of my country. In order to make it easy for them to locate my hometown, I told them the map of China looks like a chicken, and my hometown is located at the heart of the chicken. Isn’t that smart? 

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I’m so happy!

At the end of my essay, I want show you some pictures of me! The “happy face” me, the “playing with dog” me , and the “standing in the mid of nowhere” me. Why? Because I am happy; happy being here; happy in the United States of America!