By: Lulu Kong, Work and Travel Summer 2014 Ambassador Scholar
Lulu is a Work and Travel participant from China. She volunteered through Greenheart Club during her last program, which allowed her to start her own project “Share Rose, Get fun.” This project sends homemade scarves and hats to a disadvantaged community in China.

It was a special day for me when I went to visit Sharon’s house. Every time I walk by the houses in my community, there are so many amazing gardens at each house.


And today I was so lucky that I could go to Sharon’s house, and I had such a nice day.
This is Sharon’s beautiful garden.

It is really nice, and I had a wonderful relaxing here.


Sharon is a nice lady. She looks so young and she is kind hearted.


She always would like to help us when we are in need.


Sharon also made a local American dinner for us. To be honest, the burger is much better than White Castle’s lol, which I am eating almost every day.


It was such an unforgettable afternoon. We kept talking and laughing.

When I walked into the house, I was also attracted by it. Every corner seems so special and beautiful. I even can’t imagine that this is a basement, but Sharon makes it like a bar, soooo cool!

I like Sharon’s home because it helps me know what local American homes look like.

I enjoyed this afternoon so much. Many thanks for inviting us to visit your home Sharon!