By: Maggie Flynn, Work and Travel Program Assistant

As the Work and Travel Department gets ready for the Summer 2014 season, the latest Job Fairs were an essential part to recruiting top-notch participants. This past week saw multiple Job Fairs taking place all over China. CCI Greenheart staff members, Haldis Toppen and Joe Burns, along with several U.S. employers, traveled to various cities around China- interviewing more than 250 participants! According to Joe, this year’s Job Fair participants were very impressive and some of the best he’s seen yet. But that’s not the only reason the trip was a success…

Haldis_China Blog post

While in China, CCI Greenheart staff and American employers were luckily able to team up with participants to put on a Greenheart Project.  Some Work and Travel alumni even stopped by! They visited Cuncaochunhui Home for the Aged, an organization that’s changing the way senior citizens are taken care of in China. It is located in a community in Beijing where more than 5,000 people over the age of 60 are living. This home ensures that even those that only come for the day are taken care of through meal delivery, escorted hospital visits, and counseling services. The Greenheart Project group was able to lend their time and ears to these aging citizens at the home and have some fun too.  Upon request, Haldis even graced the home with a beautiful rendition of “My Heart Will Go On” from Titanic. Because really, who doesn’t love that Celine Dion power ballad?

Greenheart Projects are meant to not only be entertaining, but also a place to demonstrate the volunteer spirit that we hope to spread to all corners of the globe. Volunteering is not a common activity in other countries, but it’s something that truly benefits everyone involved. We hope that future participants will take this idea back to their home country and show how their (Green)heart goes on.

To learn more about Cuncaochunhui Home for the Aged and what it’s doing for senior citizens of Beijing, check out this great article from Xinhua News.