By: Lily Zhou, EachFuture Cultural Network, Work and Travel Partner

In their sixth blog post, Chinese partner, EachFuture Cultural Network, describes how their participants have fun on the Work and Travel Program in the United States with CCI Greenheart. Be sure to see how their process continues as EachFuture describes their Journey of a Partner.



Support to CCI Greenheart to deal with Our Students’ Issues in U.S. 

The main part of our work is to support CCI Greenheart to deal with our students’ issues after they arrive in the United States. As our students’ sponsor, CCI Greenheart should be the first contact for our students if they have any problems in U.S., but as their local agency, sometimes our participants report their issues to us first. At this moment, we will instruct them to talk with CCI Greenheart first, and then we will follow up to make sure their problems get solved.

I have to say CCI Greenheart is a really responsible, efficient sponsor who truly cares about our students, which means a lot to our students and us. The students, no matter have housing issues or work issues, are always able to get immediate help from CCI Greenheart.

We also open a 24 hour hotline for our students. They can call the number for free if they have any problems.

Biweekly Reports

Y:DataWork ProgramsGoing Greenheart Tours2014-GGHTGGHT - WI - Door County

Y:DataWork ProgramsGoing Greenheart Tours2014-GGHTGGHT – WI – Door County

We require our students to submit reports about their daily life in U.S. every two weeks. It is an easy way for us to know more about their work and life in U.S. and also helps us to find out their issues and difficulties, and help them in time. The students also share the pictures with us in the reports.

We also submit biweekly reports to our cooperating universities about their students. The reports include three main parts:

  1. The summary of the students’ work information
  2. The summary of the reports we received from the students
  3. The students’ pictures taken in U.S.

As I said in my previous blogs, universities play a very important role in SWT in China. They require knowing their students daily life in U.S., how they perform during the work, if they have any problems and how we deal with their issues. These biweekly reports help them to get all the information they want.

Delegation Group Site Visit

EachFuture has invited professors and officials from the cooperating universities to do a site visit to our students’ work sites since 2006, which is the year we start the program. More than 100 delegators from more than 50 universities have joined the delegation group. They came across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States and left their footprints in every corner of this great land to witness their students’ work and life as well as their growth and maturity there.

It is a meaningful trip for the professors and officials, not only because they learn about the students’ real life in person, but also experience American culture and lifestyle. Normally it is a two-week trip. The professors and officials have a better knowledge of America after this trip, and also know more about the program. Now that they have experienced the program in U.S., they are better able to introduce the program to other participants.

This is also great for our students. They were so excited to see their teachers in their American working site. They felt the support and concerns from us and their universities, and felt more pleasant about their experience in U.S. In turn, they will also help us to promote the program next season.

2014 Delegation Group visited students at the Welcome Center in Harrisburg, PA on August 5th.

2014 Delegation Group visited students at the Welcome Center in Harrisburg, PA on August 5th.