By Rachel Neubauer, Cultural Outreach Intern

You sit on your bed and look around your new room. You begin to unpack your suitcase; you take out your clothes, towels, and toiletries, but you start to wonder if you forgot something.

Did you remember to pack personal belongings that will spark a feeling of home?

When choosing to stay with a host family or a roommate overseas, it’s definitely important to bring a few room essentials to give your new space an organized, homey feel.  And to get you excited for your travels, why not create some of these essentials yourself?

We have come up with a list to encourage you to transform your new living space into your second or even third home. Here are some ideas for how to get do-it-yourself savvy, and stay within a mighty reasonable budget.

 The Rotating Goal List

Why you’ll love it: Staying on track with your personal goals will definitely provide a sense stability and reassurance each day you as you live your overseas adventure.

Find how to make it:

The Clothespin Wreath Picture Frame

Why you’ll love it: When you’re away from loved ones, the best way to take them with you is through a collection of your favorite photos, uniquely displayed for new friends to see.

Find out how to make it:

Colorful Magnetic Dishes

Why you’ll love it: What’s great about these dishes is that they combine organization with magnetic resistance. You’ll never lose another paperclip again!

Find out how to use them:

The Blanket Scarf

Why you’ll love it: Extremely travel-friendly, this item can transform into whatever you need to stay warm on the plane! No sewing necessary.

Find out how to make it:

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