By: Sultan Tayel Eqab Elmanaseer, Greenheart Work and Travel participant and Ambassador Scholar

One day, the members of the Smile team, an organization I volunteer with, and I decided to change up the type of volunteer work we were doing. This allows us to break up our usual volunteer routine. One team member suggested that we go to an intersection with a traffic light to give advice to the drivers and increase their awareness about speeding and seat belt safety. It seemed like most of the young people think it is a shame to put their seat belt on, which is intended to protect them!

So, the following day, we went to a traffic light that is always full of cars. We distributed cold water bottles to ease the heat of the burning sun on the drivers and started talking to them until the signal turned green. We started the conversation by asking them about seat belts and explaining its benefits and disadvantages, as well as talking about speeding. It is usual for a young driver to skip the suggested speed, boast to their friends, and claim that they do not fear anything. They are unaware of the dangers of speeding, and it can lead to death at any moment!

When talking to drivers some of them responded and apologized for the mistakes they were making. Some others were a little more skeptical. For example, I saw four young men in a car, so I went to talk to them. I asked them “Why don’t you put your seat belt on?” They answered me with a typical response and said it was not my business. However, we kept talking and I told them all about the importance of safety belts and what risks any driver can face. I told them about the risks, and one of them said, “I’m sitting in the back seat so I’m in safe.” So I reminded him that no one is safe, and accidents are unpredictable. I made them promise me that they would put on their seat belt and not exceed the speed limit.

Although they did not want to listen at first, I think they really appreciated what I did for them!

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