By Eva Pacheco, Ace Hotel and Swim Club, Work and Travel Employer

Eva Pacheco is an employer from a seasonal community with CCI Greenheart’s Work and Travel program. Having cooperated with CCI Greenheart for several years on her international hiring, Eva was able to travel to Thailand to hire her Spring 2014 participants. Follow Eva on her Employer Journey as she arrives in Thailand.

The final week with our participants was both exciting and somber. We could tell that the students were excited to see their families & friends and get back to the lives they left behind 3 months before, but they were also sad to leave their new friends behind.

The hotel hosted a party for everyone to get together and wish our students safe travels.  Each participant received a goodie bag filled with mementos of their time with us as well as hand written cards from all their friends and colleagues so they could all connect on Facebook and other social media outlets. The participants spent their last week in the U.S. traveling to places like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego and San Francisco. During such an emotional time, we were careful to remind them to give a 30 day notice to the apartment they were living in and a forwarding address for their deposit to be returned to them. The participants were also given their final paychecks before they departed, as it was much easier for them to cash the checks here in the states, using their American bank accounts. We were sure to get their contact information to be able to send them their W-2’s at the end of the year and to keep in touch periodically to let them know that we will never forget them…. and that they will always have friends in Palm Springs!