By Nattawat Sakvimonporn, Work and Travel Ambassador Scholar 2015

I spent my days in thought after I came back from my Work and Travel program. I thought about what kind of service project I could make to really help people in my community. I remember back to my high school days; it was so hard and complicated to understand the contents by myself. In Thailand, there’s a large power gap between teachers and students. It seems kind of hard to ask questions in class with what we are confused about.

I got a chance to know a place called “Baan Kru-Ton” in Bangkok. This place provides free tuition for kids by helping them with their homework and exams, especially in math and sciences because those are the hardest to understand. In fact, I will teach my students any subject they need help in. For example, I always teach Math, Physics, and Biology for G.7 – G.10., but during the final exam period I can help them with their History and English too. I usually teach every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday about 2-3 hours a day during their school period every week. I don’t teach during my exam period. During that time someone else tutors in my place because I also have to study hard.

Usually, I prepare the contents according to the students and what they are studying. Each day I provide details in the chapter we are reading. I ask them questions about the reading so they can understand the chapter. Mostly it’s a discussion, and I act as an instructor for them. After that, I find some problems for them to solve and with guidance, I help them find the correct answers. I always teach 1 or 2 kids per class because it is more effective for them as they can ask as much as they want.

Thailand education is having lots of problems regarding the methods of teaching and the process of admissions. It is like we are provided jobs to respond to the capitalism, but not provided with jobs that allow us to ask and think freely. It might be impossible in my power to change all the education systems at this time. So, instead of blaming the system, I choose to provide tutoring. There might not be changes in the future to our education system, but at least I can say I have done something.

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