By: Lily Zhou, EachFuture Cultural Network. Work and Travel Partner

In their fourth blog post, Chinese partner, EachFuture Cultural Network, describes how they prepare their participants for the Work and Travel Program in the United States with CCI Greenheart. Be sure to see how their process continues as EachFuture describes their Journey of a Partner. 

Passport pick-up and flight ticket buying guide

Once our placed participants pass their visa interviews, we send them the guidelines for picking up their passports and buying flight tickets.

When we apply for their visa interviews online, we choose the specific location that participants need to go to, to get their passports. Then, we email the participants who have passed the visa interview with information regarding how, where, and what (kinds of documents) they need to get their passports. We instruct the participants to double check all of the information on their visas for any mistakes that will prevent them from entering the U.S.

Also, we email the participants a list of what they need to pay attention to when they buy their flight tickets. We recommend flight ticket agencies for them, but we let them choose who they will ultimately buy them from. Hundreds of participants consult with us on how to check the authenticity of their tickets. Every year, they ask us questions about which airport is closest to their employer and how they get from the airport to that employer.

Pre-departure orientation documents and meetings

EachFuture values pre-departure orientations, and we think that it is one of the most important parts of the Work and Travel Program. EachFuture’s pre-departure orientation documents include three parts:

  1. Pre-departure orientation presentation
  2. Pre-departure attendance confirmation
  3. Pre-departure orientation handbook

The pre-departure orientation presentation is presented at the pre-departure orientation meetings, which are mandatory. Our Work and Travel Program staff goes to cooperating universities and gathers all of the participants to participate in the orientation meeting. During the meeting, our staff explains the preparation that our participants should take before they go to the U.S., the documents that they should bring with them, CCI Greenheart Work and Travel program rules and regulations, U.S. laws, American culture, emergency contact information in U.S., and things they should accomplish before they return to China. At this meeting, the participants can ask questions on anything related to the program and America.

After they attend the orientation meeting, each participant is required to sign the EachFuture pre-departure attendance confirmation. This confirmation lists all of the things that our participants need to know, and pay special attention to. Then, we email the EachFuture pre-departure orientation handbook to our participants. The handbook, in PDF format, states all of the information that is in the pre-departure orientation presentation. Our participants are required to print the handbook and bring it to U.S., so they can read it and use it to help solve any problems that arise.

Also, we send emails to our participants to remind them to validate their SEVIS, obtain their I-94 number online, find the contact information of their sponsor, and apply for their social security card. We require that participants print all of the emails and bring them to the US.

The week before June 15th is the peak time for our participants to arrive to the U.S. We hope that they travel safely and soundly, that all of the employers and landlords welcome them, and that all of the participants perform well and have wonderful experiences in the U.S.!

We appreciate CCI Greenheart for what they have done to help our participants. Thank you all!

To learn more, watch the video below!