By: Irina Capaldi, Work and Travel Employer Relations Manager

The J-1 Summer Work Travel program is in full swing in the Delaware community.  In June, the Rehoboth International Student Outreach Program (ISOP) held another welcome orientation for local international participants! Various community figures and organizations were in attendance, including Desiree Burritt, who is a Constituent Advocate of Delaware Senator Chirs Coon, local businesses, and a CCI Greenheart staff member!  It was a delight to have Desiree Burritt join the community event as she gave a heartwarming welcome to the participants and reminisced about her days of working at the beach in her college years. During this event, the participants were introduced to the community and new support system within the community, including a long list of community-provided resources throughout the duration of the program.

The Delaware Coastal region prides itself on maintaining a hospitable community and safe environment for all exchange visitors.  J-1 participants working in the area can look forward to receiving various support services including free meals, a bike program with a safety component, cultural activities and trips to regional attractions!  The meaning of cultural exchange truly exists in Delaware, where cultural understanding and appreciation is a part of everyday life.

If you’re ready to make cultural exchange a part of your lifestyle, start with CCI Greenheart.