By: Rob DeLaney, CCI Greenheart Employer Services Coordinator

In February, I attended CCI Greenheart’s Job Fair in Jordan and had a wonderful time meeting with participants who were interviewing for their summer jobs! I was joined by five host organization representatives who were hiring on behalf of their companies. We were welcomed by CCI Greenheart’s partner in Jordan, Stationcom, and were treated with such grace and hospitality. This was a particularly special trip for me because it was my first time visiting Jordan after having served there for two years in 2011-2013 as a Peace Corps volunteer!

On the first day, our traveling representatives, Greenheart, and 22 Jordanian participants volunteered with the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization, an organization that distributes donated clothing to families in need. We were tasked with sorting through a warehouse of donated clothing – it was a lot of work! It was very inspiring to see everyone participating!

The next day was interview day! More than 150 participants attended the Job Fair event where they were interviewing for jobs at six different host organizations. I had the pleasure of conducting some of the interviews myself for a representative that could not attend. The participants explained why they wanted to visit the United States, their expectations for the program, as well as their desire to learn about American culture and improve their English. Many look forward to sharing their culture to promote greater peace and cultural understanding between the United States and Jordan. The interviews went well and many participants quickly accepted their jobs!

In our free time, we learned more about Jordan’s rich history and cultural heritage. Our Stationcom hosts took us to the Amman Citadel and the Roman Amphitheatre. The Citadel offers a view of Amman from one of the seven hills upon which the city was founded; it also contains many historical ruins. For the Roman Amphitheatre, I was impressed with how Amman has preserved and incorporated the site into the modern rhythm of the city!

Last but not least, we enjoyed the local cuisine! For me, the highlight was having “mansaf”, Jordan’s national dish, which is slow-cooked lamb and rice served with hot yogurt sauce.

Thank you to our hosts in Jordan for an excellent trip, and good luck to all of our participants this summer!

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