By: Benjamin Baney, Work and Travel Employer Relations Manager

On August 25th, CCI Greenheart headed to Warrens, Wisconsin for the second time in two years for one of our last volunteer activities of the year. Staff members, Benjamin Baney and Josh Trangle, were welcomed by our employer, and over 20 participants took part in the event! The participants hailed from China, Ukraine, and the Dominican Republic.

The event was sponsored, as it was last year, by Friends of the Black River.  Friends of the Black River is a citizen-led organization dedicated to enhancing the Black River and its watershed.  Our job was to pick up garbage on a stretch of highway.  Although the weather was hot, everyone pitched in an extraordinary effort to complete our goal!  Friends of the Black River was very pleased with our efforts, and the participants enjoyed a pizza party at Pizza Hut afterwards.

After the event, Ben and Josh took part in a volleyball match with all the participants at the campground. It was an amazing time in which the participants reflected on the event.  They shared stories from the summer and how much the program has meant to them. We are looking forward to continued success with more Going Greenheart Tours in Wisconsin!