By Lulu Kong,  2013 Summer Work Travel Participant and Greenheart Club member

Lulu is one of four Greenheart Club members who received a $250 grant to complete a Greenheart project in her home country of China. Lulu was eligible to receive the grant because she volunteered 20 hours for the Greenheart Club during her Summer Work Travel Program this past summer at a local garden. Lulu’s grant application was selected, because she chose to help those who are hungry and cold in China. Below Lulu describes her Greenheart grant project.

“Share rose, get fun” is the best sentence to describe volunteerism. We help others with love and make our community better, while at the same time, we enjoy it ourselves and add meaning to our lives. I think that volunteerism means being helpful, warm, kind, selfless and sharing love.

As my college is in northerm China, it is very cold in the winter. China is a big country and so even though some people are wealthy, there still are a lot of people suffering from hunger and cold because they are poor. So in this cold winter, I decided to try my best to help as many poor people as I can with the grant the Greenheart Club gave me. Thank you Greenheart for giving me support to do such a meaningful thing!

To begin the project, I first asked the students club in my school for help to arrange a clothing drive. They were glad to help me and eager to do something. We called for everyone in the club to attend our donation drive to help the poor people in the countryside.

We were so proud of ourselves! We are glad to help others! With other students’ devotion we got lots of warm donations quickly. Then, we washed all the sweaters, jackets, coats, and items. We made sure everything was clean and tidy, so that when they are in their new owners’ hands, they could be used immediately. After cleaning, we packed all the things in boxes.

The second thing I did together with my classmates was more meaningful, I think. I bought many wool products and we made scarfs by ourselves. We couldn’t enjoy it more. We believe the people who will wear our scarfs will feel much warmer! What’s more, we even made cute hats for kids!

Yes – believe me! These hats were made by our hands! We learned how to make it in a knitting shop. The saleswoman taught us how to do it, step by step. Although it took time to learn this, we were still happy.

At last I contacted a public welfare organization to send all the stuff to a poor countryside, called Nong’an. It’s a very poor place where I did two months’ volunteer of teaching before. The school there even lacks good teachers and enough books.

I am so happy this winter I can bring them warmth and I hope I can help them more in the future!