By Adra Klopfer, Work and Travel Partner Relations Manager 

Recently, we traveled to Kingston, Jamaica where we volunteered at The Golden Age Home as a part of the Summer 2015 Job Fair tour, and we think the seniors and staff we met there are the tops!

The Jamaican government publicly funds this facility; and they need private assistance. Aside from money, they need flip-flops and toiletries. FLIP-FLOPS! (Honestly, how many pairs of shoes do you have?!) Look how easily you can purchase flip-flops in bulk for $3.30 a pair.

Aside from material goods, these seniors need physical touch and conversation buddies. Thinking of traveling through Kingston for spring break or to escape the winter? Give yourself the gift of an unforgettable experience and pencil in some volunteerism time at The Golden Age Home. You will not regret it.  The residents speak English, will teach you Patwa, sing you songs and recite poems (they put on a full-blown talent show for us), and provide you with a private peek into Jamaican history, as they experienced Jamaica’s struggle and prevailing freedom from the British firsthand, amongst other events.

The grounds are a short 30-minute taxi ride from Norman Manley International Airport.

If you’re anything like me and spent the better half of the last decade listening to Bob Marley’s reggae on repeat, take his words to heart:

“So much trouble in the world;
So much trouble in the world.
All you got to do: give a little (give a little),
Give a little (give a little), give a little (give a little)!
One more time, ye-ah! (give a little) Ye-ah! (give a little)
Ye-ah! (give a little) Yeah!”

Unable to visit this hidden gem of Jamaica? Support by sending packages and donations here.

However, if you are able to connect to the Golden Age Home, log your volunteer hours with Greenheart International and tell us about your experience!