By: Abbie Ray, Work and Travel Administrative Assistant

As the weather cools down, the resorts are only just heating up! Skiing season is underway all across the United States. Resorts have opened their doors for local skiers as well as thousands of tourists that will enjoy a weekend away riding the slopes and enjoying firelight dinners.

The history of skiing dates back almost to 600 BC in Daxing’anling which is now modern day China. Skiing did not become commercialized however, until the early 1800s with the first known ski jumper, Olaf Rye, in 1809. In 1936, the first chair life was introduced in Sun Valley, Idaho. Skiing has become a part of American culture and not to mention a great way to enjoy the cold weather!


Madeline, a participant of the Work and Travel Program, showcased her  experience working in a Ski Resort in Colorado. As many of our participants settle in their jobs at a variety of ski resorts across the nation, CCI Greenheart wishes them a safe and snowy season!