By: Haldis Toppen, Work and Travel Cultural Outreach Coordinator

This spring season, two Work and Travel participants were chosen as first and second place winners for the 2013 Spring Photo Contest. Along with their lovely photos, these participants were also asked to describe their photos and how it related to American culture. Please read the winners submissions below!

Tuntita Nititsopon – First place winner of an iPod Touch

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m Nan, a 19 year old girl from Thailand and I’m working in Sheridan, Wyoming. When I arrived it was winter time and I was so excited, because there’s no snow in my country. Then in March my co-worker told me that it was Daylight saving time and we have to change our clock’s time, because it was going to be spring very soon. I was excited again, because in my home country, we also don’t have to change the clocks!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASpring came late this year, and my friend who is from Sheridan, told me that it’s typically supposed to be warmer, but was still snowing. Then, last week, when I was walking to my workplace, there was sunlight and all day was a sunny day and I thought “The real spring is coming!” After that, when I had a day off I went sightseeing around, because it’s not too cold any more. This is what I have seen:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn the way to downtown, I saw a cross from the church upon on the sky, and I though it looked like a plus(positive) symbol, so on that day I thought it would be a good day for sure!  After that I walked along the path and saw a cute sign “The Baggit” or Bag it. This is for people who walk their dog and need a bag for their pet waste. Under this sign there’s a garbage bag for the waste from the pet, and I thought that if there had been a greenheart, no one would have hesitated to use it! After this adventure, I had fun sightseeing around Sheridan. I OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwalked happily back home and took a picture of myself. On the way back home, I also found a little Dandelion and it was so cute that I picked it up, and took a picture. I then blew on it, so it would spread show its cuteness to others’ eyes.


Now, everything is going green in the spring. The grass on the soil is also going green, and I can see spring give fresh life, and that’s why my heart is growing greener too! Last but not least, I hope you enjoy reading my writing and wish your everyday is a wonderful day!

Jhudiel Rabe – Second place winner of an iPod Nano

This spring experience has been more fun than what I had imagined. It’s like 3 months full of happiness. Before I left the Philippines and came here to America the only thing I knew was that I would visit Pennsylvania. But, when I got here things changed. I never thought that I would visit New York and Washington DC.

New York is so amazing. It was April 29th, a rainy Monday morning; 5:45am to be exact. Me and my Filipino Friends were so excited to see the Statue of Liberty even though we thought it would be too far, but when we got there and found out that we can ride on a boat we didn’t think twice! We took a ride to see the robed female figure representing Liberty up close: the Roman goddess of freedom.

The best part of New York was Time Square. Standing in the middle of Time’s Square gave me a weird feeling that made me smile. It’s really hard to explain, because no one can explain that weird feeling that I had. But I had so much fun, even though it was only a day tour. I think I must be lucky, because I suggested to my co-worker/friend after my New York trip “Maybe we can go together with our other co-worker/friends to Washington DC” and it happened!

Then on May 9th we went to Washington D.C. it was raining again! We got there and went to the White House. Seeing the White House was like seeing the most popular house in the United States of America and I was so excited to take a picture in front of it.

Now I’m looking forward to and so excited for June 16th, because Me, Myself, and I will make some noise and take a lot of pictures in Las Vegas, Nevada after I finish my job. Living in America has helped me to stand on myself, to handle situations, to make good decisions, and to meet new friends that I will treasure for a lifetime.

Pictures of New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C.!

Pictures of New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C.!

Congratulations to our winners this year from CCI Greenheart’s Work and Travel Department!