By: Maria Pakhomova, Work and Travel Administrative Manager

20130405_084416On April 3rd CCI Greenheart representatives Maria Pakhomova and Brittney White found themselves on the way to Wisconsin Dells to meet with community representatives in the Wisconsin Dells!

If you aren’t familiar with the Wisconsin Dells, the area is famous for having a plethora of Work and Travel participants during Summer months. These international students help businesses to handle the high numbers of guests, but what is particularly great about this program is that these participants also experience what a true American town has to offer. Neighbors in the community, local police force members, visa sponsors and the Department of State work together to improve the cultural experience of the seasonal guests. There is a lot going on in the Dells!

If you have not visited Wisconsin Dells then you might not be well rounded in American Culture as you think… A small town of 2,690 people in the central part of Wisconsin is an island of family vacations: outdoor and indoor water-parks camp grounds, resorts, restaurants and family owned candy shops. During the summer season, people from surrounding areas bring their families to enjoy everything that the Wisconsin Dells has to offer.


So if you are looking for a true American experience of a small town community, Wisconsin Dells might be right for you. If you visit this summer, be sure to say “Hi!” to the international Work & Travel Participants you see!