If you think you are coming to the United States just to work, you are wrong!

By Iris Garcia, Work and Travel Winter 2016

I’m a 19-year-old Peruvian girl and this is my cultural exchange story. I came here without having any idea of what to expect but there was always somebody there to help me whether it be another exchange participant, CCI Greenheart staff, or American people. I have to say that they were very friendly and patient with me because English was one of my weak points when I came here, but now I feel very happy and confident talking to them. I know that now it is much easier for both of us to understand each other.

I will definitely keep a lot of good memories from this trip because I did a lot of traveling. For example, our amazing trip to Boston, which is a really beautiful city, our visit to Concord during Christmas, and definitely the Star Wars fever that was everywhere.

Also, I tried new things like snowboarding and Peruvian food made in the United States. The most amazing experience I can tell you about is when I performed with a band here at Pat’s Peak. My supervisor knew I brought my saxophone with me, so he asked me if I was interested in playing with them one Saturday night. If you think you are coming to the United States just to work you are wrong! They really want you to have fun and go back home with lots of stories to talk about.

If you ask me, even if you are scared you should go! Everybody is afraid, but in the end, this experience helps you become more outgoing and lets you spend your vacation in a different way. Thanks for reading my story guys!

If you’re interested in stretching your comfort zone, consider participating in a cultural exchange program with CCI Greenheart!