By Ting (Jane) Zhao, CCI Greenheart Work and Travel Ambassador Scholar

On November 9 at Jilin HuaQiao University of Foreign Languages, we held our first professional seminar entitled, “What should we do in our school days in university?” I invited the business master, Wang Dandan, to speak about and share her own entrepreneurial experiences at college. Afterward, I led a follow-up discussion to this sharing meeting.

Wang Dandan spoke about her life as a business woman and told us truthfully that there is no doubt that we will face many challenges finding a job after graduation. Even though it is tough, she gave us tips on what to remember when searching for a position. She said supervisors will evaluate their employees on four main aspects– they will look at your bachelor‘s degree, relevant work experience, any experience you have on a program, and any other qualities that make you a great candidate!

Wang Dandan also talked about her life at university. During this time, she didn’t know what she wanted out of life. She eventually decided to start a business and took part in some activities in her local community, gradually finding her own direction. After working hard, she built up her own company in Changchun, Jilin province in China.

At the end of this professional seminar, Wang Dandan shared three philosophies with us:

  1. Living without goals is like sailing without a compass. Without goals, there is no direction; without direction, there is no life.
  2. If you want to jump high, then use your own legs! Do not let yourself be carried by others; do not seat yourselves on other people’s backs.
  3. Art is long, but life is short. We’d better keep going on forever!

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