By: Kseniia Duzhenko- CCI Greenheart Work and Travel participant

“Two things awe me most: the starry sky above me and the moral law within me.” – Immanuel Kant.

This statement caught my attention for a while and it slipped into my thoughts, as I was surrounded by about a dozen exhibits at the Adler Planetarium. I’ve never been eager to discover much about the sky and the solar system. Astrology has always bored me. Nevertheless, I came to the United States to expand my “Weltanschauung” –world view–and that’s how I ended up visiting the Adler Planetarium.

I have been to Universum in Germany, but I was much more impressed by the Adler Planetarium. Their slogan is “come and touch it”. It’s a really nice trick to make children and students more interested in the subject. When you’re physically touching something you memorize it better and you definitely understand it better. Being able to interact with the exhibit made the experience much better!

But my piece of the pie was not only what I’ve already described! My favorite experience at the planetarium was the show “Planet9”. I won’t spoil your interest by telling you every single detail… but I recommend you visit it for yourself!  Climb in a space rocket and enjoy your summer!

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