By: Rosemery Jimenez, Greenheart Work and Travel participant

My name is Rosemery Jimenez, I am 22-years-old, and I am from the Dominican Republic. I am currently studying Industrial Engineering. This summer, I have been working, in Orange Beach, Alabama and I began in May.

Last Friday, June 2nd, I went swing dancing with some friends from Romar Village, and we had so much fun! It was a totally new experience for all of us. It was funny because no one knew anything about swing dancing — we did not do any research beforehand, so we did not have any ideas about the dress we should wear or the kind of music that we were supposed to play. But we still had so much fun learning about a new dance!

In the evening, a van picked us up and we were so excited! It took about 40 minutes to get there. When we got out of the van, we saw a church and we were really confused about what was going on. When we got to the event hall, we saw a lot of Americans, and there were also Filipino, Colombian, and Ecuadorian participants who had come along. We were all a little shy because this was our first opportunity to spend time with people from different cultures.

Then it was dancing time! At first, they divided up the females and males, and we had to learn a few specific steps. Then we made a circle, which allowed all of the boys to rotate so that they could dance with each of the girls. We made friends with some American boys through swing dancing!  For me, it was a little difficult because swing dancing is very different from the dances that we have in my country, which are called Merengue and Bachata. In my opinion, swing dancing is similar to Rock and Roll from the 80´s. Regardless of the culture; we tried our best to learn it and had a really great time.

Now my friends and I from all over the world know how to dance to this unique kind of music, and we are looking forward to swing dancing again!

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