By: Marilenny Dishmey Almeida, Greenheart Exchange, Work and Travel participant and 2017 Ambassador Scholar

 My name is Marilenny and I am spending my summer in Pennsylvania! I have had the wonderful opportunity to come to work in the United States, and this experience has been incredible.

At the beginning of the summer, I did not think I had enough capacity to make it through the summer! I had a very low self-esteem, but when I realized that this could be a good opportunity to expand my knowledge and see another perspective, I began to believe in myself. Now, when I want to achieve a goal I just say, “I can do it!”

I also learned to collaborate and work as a team. I used to always think that it would be better to work alone because I did not think that teamwork could be very important. But since I have had the opportunity to work outside my country with people of different cultures, I discovered that teamwork is the best way to innovate, create and produce good business results.

Now, I’m a person with an open mind, I have more passion to help people, and I am more compassionate. This job and this summer have also taught me the importance of responsibility and honesty!

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