Summer Work Travel Ambassador Scholar, Tomáš Huňáček, remembers some of his favorite moments during the summer he spent on the beach.

By: Tomáš Huňáček, Summer 2015 Work and Travel Ambassador Scholar

One thing must be made clear; Americans are very nice people, especially those from southern states. There is a big difference when I compare typical Americans actions to typical Czechs. In my country it is not usual to ask strangers, “How are you?” You would be considered odd when you talk to people you do not know.

In the United States, I spend 60 hours a week at work. When working, I’m connecting with many customers and colleagues. Working allows me to fully understand the American culture. On the beach you can find great people that are willing to talk and share their food with you! Spending a lot of time on the beach allows you to meet many different people. I have even been able to meet school principals. To summarize, on beaches you can find friends.

Besides customers, it’s great when co-workers work together. That is what happens in the company I’m working for: Lack’s Beach services. We are not only together at work, but also during our free time. We are hanging out, and attending new events. This has been the best way to know America.

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