By: Malgorzata Tekgoz, Work and Travel Market Research Analyst

“If the world would be a single state, Istanbul would be its capital”  – Napoleon Bonaparte

The French Emperor’s words about this magnificent city ring true.  Istanbul is indeed one of the most favorite job fair destinations for our employers.  Its rich history, plethora of monuments and landmarks, cultural diversity, welcoming people, and delightful cuisine, invite visitors from all over the globe.  It is common for those who come to Istanbul once, to come back and back again!

A group of CCI Greenheart employers and staff members visited Istanbul for a summer 2013 job fair in early March.  Our wonderful hosts made sure that we enjoyed some of the beautiful sites of the city.


We took a ferry trip to a few of the Prince Islands just off the coast of Istanbul in the Sea of Marmara.  It’s a chain of nine islands and we visited two of them: Heybeliada (“Saddlebag Island”) and Buyukada (“Big Island”) where we enjoyed a horse carriage ride and got to try traditional, home made Turkish cuisine in one of the local family restaurants.


The next day at the job fair, interviews commenced with close to 200 motivated students ready to take the part in the Summer 2013 Work Travel program. Most of the students are studying engineering and languages. For many this upcoming trip to the United States will be their first time abroad. Yet, the majority of them have a lot of work experience in Turkey, which is uncommon in many countries. At the fair, the students had the chance to meet with the employers face to face and were able to clarify and questions and/or concerns.


Looking forward to having you on next year’s trip to Istanbul and other destinations we visited this year! Remember to think of CCI Greenheart for your hiring needs in Winter 2014!