By: Konrad Raksa, Work and Travel Ambassador Scholar

A returnee on Work and Travel program, Konrad traveled to Hershey, Pennsylvania from Poland to work for a local employer. Read about his American adventures in the United States!

After I helped to mend my friend's car.

After I helped to mend my friend’s car.

I have no idea where the last month has gone! I have met a lot of new neighbors who are from different parts of the world, but live here like Americans. I have learned a lot of new names: Eleazar, Luis, Christian, Carolina, Back, all of them are my very good friends. We recently organized a cultural integration party. It was tons of fun with playing the American game “Twister.” Another kind adventure was when I tried to help mend Eleazar’s car. We did it together and as a result he let me borrow his car! Cool! It is very helpful to have the use of his car, because I can go with a friend somewhere to see interesting places or go shopping.

I currently live in small city called Hershey in the state of Pennsylvania. Everybody knows the famous chocolate from this area, which is made right here. It tastes delicious. This is a very nice area where tourists come and spend time having fun in the resorts. I try to explorer some of these places which are possible to see within 1-2 hours. During my time off, I have had the ability to visit Harrisburg, Palmyra, and Lancaster. But what does my regular day look like?

Enjoying the night with my new friends.

Enjoying the night with my new friends.

Talking with my friends about the day

Talking with my friends about the day.

On my work days, I usually wake up about 7:40 am to be on time at work at 9:00. I walk about 15 minutes to work, but during my way I always see a lot of squirrels jump from tree to tree. I meet neighbors who ask with a smile on their face “How are you today?” I finish work around 5:30 pm and then I go straight to the gym. I use this time to relax and take care of my health. I have met a lot of new friends at the gym who play basketball with me. I come back home around 7:30 pm and then talk with my friends about my job or about our plans for the following days.

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My view of the concert.

My view of the concert.

I believe that soon I’ll be able to visit places a bit farther from Hershey. I love travelling, so I want to see something new. Yesterday was a local Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z concert. I was able to be very close of the stage. It was amazing! I have never been to such a great event like that before. With 36,000 people around me, I had an amazing adventure with the great music. I hope my adventures last!