By: Shawna Pye, CCI Greenheart Work and Travel Employer Relations Manager

As the 2016 Going Greenheart Tour comes to a close, CCI Greenheart made one final stop in Jackson Hole, Wyoming to meet and volunteer with participants.

On Monday morning, August 22nd, CCI Greenheart participants, and fellow Grand Teton Lodge Company employees gathered at Jackson Lake Lodge to embark on a service project for the National Park Service in collaboration with CCI Greenheart.

Volunteers were driven down to the Lucas Fabian Homestead and assisted in building a trail to make the remote and peaceful setting wheelchair accessible. One by one, participants shoveled a mix of gravel and special ‘dirt’ into wheelbarrows and transported them “over the river, and through the woods” to the packed trail.

Although the work was physically demanding, volunteers were rewarded with every step as the Grand Teton mountain range towered above them and seemingly followed their every move. Crossing the bridge over a flowing creek made for picture perfect moments as the team came together in service to others. Later in the week the National Park Service celebrated its 100th Birthday. There is no greater gift to give than volunteering!

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