By: Lulu Kong, Work and Travel Summer 2014 Ambassador Scholar

Lulu is a Work and Travel participant from China. in her latest blog post, she describes her experiences traveling in the United States. Watch her video before you get started on her blog!



Seattle was the last place I stayed in America. I love this city so much, and not only the beautiful scenery but also the awesome seafood!

For some reason, it was my first time being a new place all by myself. I have no doubt that it will be one of my most unforgettable memories in my whole life.


Welcome to Seattle! And now let me show you what Seattle is like in my sight.

No.1 Space Needle

Absolutely it is the first place every visitor who comes here needs to see. You can see the whole sight of Seattle at the top.

No.2 Crab Pot

It is the most popular restaurant in local which is also known by many Chinese people. Seafood is my favorite, as my hometown is close to the sea, and the crab I had here was so amazing and was much bigger. I was crazy about it.

No.3 Pike Market

The fish show and the various fish in the market attract a lot of visitors. And it is said that the lucky pig will bring you luck and wealth, so many visitors like to take pictures with it.

This is also a special sight of Seattle located in the market. How do you feel about the whole wall of gum? hahah



No.4 Alki Beach


It was really amazing and so romantic. I did not see many young people, but I saw older couples sitting side by side on the chair facing such a beautiful beach.

I enjoyed it so much and I even wanted to stay there forever. It is too beautiful for me to leave.


They are very nice local people and we had a good talk.

No.5 Starbucks

Most of Chinese people like tea more than coffee, but no one can refuse Starbucks. Seattle is the original location of Starbucks, and its first shop opened in 1912 just near the Pike Market. It also attracts lots of visitors coming here. And every block has a Starbucks and is filled with the smell of coffee.

I love Seattle so much! It is an amazing place with nice people, beautiful scenery, and crazy seafood. I was thinking about going to Seattle for a long time. Finally, it came true, and I enjoyed this trip so much! It was a sweet memory.