By Radmila, Karavan Travel, Work and Travel Partner

In their second post, Serbian partner, Karavan Travel, describes their hiring process for participants for the Work and Travel Program in the United States with CCI Greenheart

The Hiring Process

Direct communication with American employers, a user-friendly Job Board platform and opportunity to apply for up to 10 employers at the same time are – to name a few – the advantages of the Work and Travel hiring options introduced by CCI Greenheart.

In the recruitment phase, we outline numerous advantages for participants who enroll in the Direct Placement option.

After applying for the program, participants fill out the information required to grant them Job Board access and they can see the Job Board menu in their CCI Online accounts. The Direct Placement option and CCI Greenheart’s Job Board provide detailed and precise information about the job, hiring requirements, location, and housing options – for participants to review before they decide what job(s) to apply for.

All of our Direct Placement participants are given instructions on how to use the Job Board and advice on actions they should take to improve their chances of getting a desired job offer.

The interactive Job Board interface offers various benefits to participants and to us as the sending agency.

Through the Job Board, participants can chose from companies located in all parts of USA, from the East Coast, through the scenic Northwest to California, Alaska, even Hawaii – all contracted and vetted by CCI Greenheart to hire participants for the summer. Program participants can apply for the jobs themselves, do so in their own free time, communicate interview(s) with American employers and even decline jobs they do not find appealing. To sum it up, the Direct Placement Job Board process provides participants with an excellent opportunity to have a more decisive role in the job placement process.

For us at Karavan, the Job Board represents a valuable way to stay informed about the job application statuses, give advice or get involved if needed, and follow up all of our participants from the job application to the placement confirmation.

On the other hand – this independence in job search does not leave us, nor participants, without CCI Greenheart’s priceless assistance. If any problem, issue, or question arises, we rest assure knowing our partner contact and the rest of CCI Greenheart staff will provide us with a fast, precise and problem-solving feedback. 

Job Fair – (Belgrade, Serbia)

Karavan Travel had the pleasure of welcoming CCI Greenheart’s very own Daniel Ebert, Vice President of International Exchange at the Belgrade Job Fair in February 2014. The participants who enrolled in the Work and Travel 2014 program had the opportunity to interview with Daniel for a job in the USA. Before the interviews took place, Daniel informed our participants about the program in general, CCI Greenheart’s mission, the Greenheart Club and exciting volunteering opportunity later that afternoon.

But first things first – the Job Fair was held in Belgrade, capital of Serbia, at the famous hotel Moskva. Before choosing the place of venue, we took into consideration the accessibility. Not all interviewed participants were from Belgrade, so we wanted to make their travel arrangements were as easy as possible. Hotel Moskva is conveniently located 15 minutes away from the bus station and railway station. Upon arrival to Belgrade, participants had to take only a short walk to come to the interview venue.

Job Fair interviews

Job Fair is an exciting event for all of our participants. In general, they can meet a sponsor organization representative and/or American employers, and get a job at the same time. This was the case in Belgrade as well. Participants could choose from 7 available companies – located from Maine to Colorado. As for the Direct Placement process, CCI Greenheart made sure the participants had detailed and precise information about the job, hiring requirements, location, and housing options – everything they need before they decide what job to apply for.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, they say, so we advised participants to prepare upfront: practice their interview skills, research the company they would like to apply for and so on. The participants were nervous a little, being this was, for the most of them, the first real job interview, plus, it was conducted in English. Daniel interviewed on behalf of the USA employers, and he took his time with every participant, making them more at ease and comfortable. Following the Job Fair the participants were offered jobs via Job Board, signed their contracts and second step of their Work and Travel journey was done – they got a job in USA!

Volunteering after Job Fair

After the official part of the Job Fair, participants had the opportunity to participate in a volunteering project. Karavan contacted the NURDOR National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer. NURDOR had purchased a parent home in Belgrade, for the purposes of housing the families of children treated in Belgrade. The parents, who live in other parts of Serbia, usually cannot afford to stay in Belgrade while the children get their treatment. The house is funded and refurbished with donations and with the help of the people of good will. Our participants, Daniel from CCI Greenheart, and Karavan staff did their small part and contributed that afternoon, by preparing the house for the arrival of its new tenants. It was a rewarding experience for all of us, and we were happy we could help out in some way.

Only after the participant signs the Job acceptance Agreement, he/she is placed officially at their job. After this the journey continues, with the visa appointment as the next step…