The Preparation of the Job Fair Tour

By: Lily Zhou, EachFuture Cultural Network. Work and Travel Partner

In their second blog post, Chinese partner, EachFuture Cultural Network, describes the Job Fairs they held in three cities in China, in cooperation with CCI Greenheart. Be sure to see how their process continues as EachFuture describes their Journey of a Partner. 

QQ__20140319134344Job Fairs are a very important part of the Work and Travel Program at CCI Greenheart. They provide great opportunities for the employers and participants to meet, talk, and get to know each other better.

Last December, we started to prepare a 2014 Job Fair Tour with CCI Greenheart. The first thing we did to prepare for this was make sure which cities in China we could have our Job Fairs in. We decided on the cities by determining the number of the students we were going to have in each area, and by the support we could get from cooperating universities. These universities provided us with the interview rooms. Finally, we chose Changchun, Sanya and Guangzhou as our Job Fair cities.

Then, we discussed the detailed itinerary of our Job Fair Tour with CCI Greenheart. This year, our contact at CCI Greenheart has been really helpful and efficient. She helped us arrange almost everything for our Job Fairs. She was the bridge between CCI Greenheart staff, employers and us. She told us what requirements the employers had, and she helped us communicate with them about our arrangement.

At the same time, we contacted our cooperating universities where we were planning to have Job Fairs. We contacted them to make sure that they could provide us with interview rooms. Our marketing team did a lot of work talking with the universities, arranging local hotels and restaurants, interview room, and setting up transportation for the whole trip.

Also, we emailed and called our students to inform them of the Job Fairs two weeks before they started. We sent them each a road map from the railway station and airport, to the Job Fair site for each city. We also sent them instructions for the interviews, Job Fairs dates, and contact information for EachFuture staff that would be attending the Job Fairs.

The Journey of the Job Fair Tour

DSCN0032In attendance at the Job Fairs, we had Haldis and Joe from CCI Greenheart, and five employers. It was a large group and it took a lot of effort to arrange the hotels, interview rooms and transportation, but we had a lot of fun doing it. All of them are wonderful, easygoing, professional people, and they were very nice to our students.

The first stop on our Job Fair Tour was Changchun. More than 150 students were interviewed in Changchun. The interview rooms were very beautiful and comforable. We gave a PowerPoint presentation to our students. We introduced CCI Greenheart, the employers, and SWT rules and regulations. Then, the interviewers carried out the interviews in various classrooms. Haldis interviewed the students in a classroom named French Village; it was decorated with a lot of French pictures, and even had a small-sized Eiffel Tower. In addition, Joe was in the Italian Village, and the employers were in the German, Russian, and Eastern European Villages.

The second stop on our Job Fair Tour was Sanya. Sanya is a tropical city that attracts a lot of tourists; it has beautiful beaches and tropical scenes. On the night that we arrived in Sanya, we went to see a big show called “Sanya Eternal Love.” This show told the whole history of Sanya. The actors and actresses wore ancient Chinese costumes and performed ancient Chinese dances. After watching this show, I believe that our employers now know more about Chinese culture.

The final stop on our Job Fair Tour was Guangzhou. It only took us a half an hour, by air, to travel from Sanya to Guangzhou. More than 120 students were interviewed in Guangzhou. Because of the large amount of students, they were divided into a morning group and an afternoon group. Then, they were interviewed according to their jobs, in smaller groups. One employer told me that the group in Guangzhou was their favorite; they also loved the two groups in Changchun and Sanya, but they thought that the group in Guangzhou was more flexible and outgoing.

We also arranged several cultural events for CCI Greenheart staff and employers. As I mentioned before, we went to see the show in Sanya. Also, we arranged a trip to the Great Wall in Beijing. My colleague, Serena, accompanied the CCI Greenheart staff and employers to the Wall, as a tour guide. Moreover, we went to Nanshan Temple in Sanya, a Buddhist culture garden. It has a status of Avalokitesvara with 108 heights. In Guangzhou, we took a night cruise on Pearl River. We believe that these cultural events helped our employers to better understand Chinese culture. We believe that they will show more of an understanding and interest of and in Chinese culture when our students stay in the United States.

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Volunteering at a Senior Citizens Home

We had a special event planned for the 2014 Job Fair Tour. CCI Greenheart, EachFuture, 2013 SWT participants, and 2014 SWT participants, participated in a Greenheart Project at Cuncao Chunhui Senior Citizens Home in Beijing. This senior citizens home is privately operated. Most senior citizen facilities in China are funded by the government, but they are not able to satisfy the needs of public pensions in China, with the growth and ageing of the population. The senior citizens home that we went to is shaping a new way for Chinese pension systems.

The dean of this senior citizens home welcomed us, and introduced us to the whole facility. We met and spoke with the seniors who lived there; an old gentleman even sang several English songs for us. Also, Haldis sang them a song called “Do-Re-Mi” from the film ‘Sound of Music.’ EachFuture donated a bunch of flowers and fruit to the home after the volunteer experience.