By: Josh Trangle, Work and Travel Employer Services Coordinator

Last month, CCI Greenheart had the great pleasure to attend a wonderful community cultural event that took place in Strawberry Square Mall in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania called the Greenheart Summer Soiree.

In attendance at the soiree were roughly 300 people ranging from participants and employers, to Department of State representatives and community members that are engaged in the program.

This was not only an event to get to know the various people and organizations involved in the program, but also a way to give back to the community through a series of activities. Professional artists were brought in to help facilitate painting mural, which participants contribute to as they entered the event. The mural expressed a message of unity across cultures, where participants could freely paint national flags or images unique to their home country. This was part of an ongoing initiative where artists use a portable wall to convey a certain theme, and recycle that wall for future projects.

In addition to this was a long table full of artifacts that participants brought to represent a little piece of home. A trivia contest, raffle prizes, dinner, and plenty of mingling were incorporated into the event as well!

Later, the walls of Strawberry Square Mall began to echo with the sound of karaoke and a live DJ. Participants sang everything from Justin Bieber to traditional folk music from their home countries.

A huge thank you to everyone that helped organize this wonderful event, to everyone who attended and showed their support, and to everyone who refrained from singing Miley Cyrus at karaoke!

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