By: Leslie Patt, Work and Travel Policy and Compliance Manager

CCI Greenheart staff members Wioletta Olszowiec and Leslie Patt traveled to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina from July 15 through July 18 to visit employers, participants, and participate in a Going Greenheart Tour service project.

Wioletta and Leslie met with a lieutenant in the Myrtle Beach Police Department, who has helped create a community organization that works to educate employers about the program and work to ensure participants understand the local area and know how to stay safe.

On Wednesday, July 16, a small but mighty group participated in our Going Greenheart Tour Service Project – a cleanup of the Myrtle Beach State Park beach!  The weather was perfect as the clouds kept it from getting hot and the rain held off until later in the day. Wioletta and Leslie were able to visit 6 employers including 4 Bi-Lo grocery stores and Seafood House. They also met a group of 20 participants working at a Wal-Mart in Myrtle Beach, along with their store and zone managers!  It was great getting to see the participants in their work environments and see they are well taken care of. We hope they enjoy the rest of their program in Myrtle Beach.