By: Kimone Montique, CCI Greenheart Work and Travel Ambassador Scholar

Who would have guessed that Branson, Missouri could provide so many cultural exchange opportunities? Working for the top amusement park in Branson, The Track Family Fun Parks is fulfilling and rewarding in many ways. I learn a lot about Branson through the experiences of my co-workers and my own exploration.

My coworker, Troy, is one of many who has taught me a lot. Mr.G, as most call him, is a ‘young man’ of 66 years. Mr. G is a substitute teacher and an explorer of good things, he often shares with us his experiences island hopping in the West Indies. Unfortunately, he has yet to reach Jamaica, but as a native, I can tell he is saving the best for last.

On one of his trips, Mr.G was introduced to Free Wheelchair America, a program that makes household furniture into wheelchairs and offers them up to those who need them around the world. Mr.G recounted that he was amazed at how much he could help others. Mr. G never ceases to assist those in need. For example, Mr. G works with the “Jesus Was Homeless” program in the Branson community. Mr.G is the one I usually speak with about volunteer opportunities and I’ve been thinking about helping out The Shepherd of the Hill’s humane society. Also, I want to volunteer with the “Jesus Was Homeless” organization with Mr.G to hand out food to the homeless.

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