By: Haldis Toppen, Cultural Outreach Manager

At the end of June, I had the opportunity to travel to the Outer Banks to meet some of our participants, employers and of course – enjoy the North Carolina sun!

In the past year, the Outer Banks area of North Carolina has taken a strong hold of the J-1 Summer Work Travel program and leveraged their resources into a local Community Outreach Program. This community group should be very proud of the work they have done so far! I had the privilege to host a local orientation on behalf of this group, for participants who were arriving to the area.

During this orientation, participants learned important bike safety tips, resources that the community has to offer, important program reminders from their sponsors, and how to have fun!

In addition, participants had the opportunity to register for their Social Security Number, which helps to cut down on the multiple drives that employers normally have to take to the local SSA office. There were multiple orientations done this year, and as a representative from the sponsor side of things, I am can say that I am very excited for this group and the Summer Work Travel program in the area for the future!

But that wasn’t enough good vibes for one trip! We also worked with one of our local employers, Harris Teeter, to provide a Greenheart Service Project. The participants from Bulgaria and Moldova helped to clean up one of the beaches in Corolla (a town within the Outer Banks) and then enjoyed some pizza afterwards. It was a beautiful walk along the ocean, where we saw plenty of interesting trash and pretty sand crabs.

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