By: Ignacio Meneses, CCI Greenheart Work and Travel Marketing and Outreach Intern

Worried you’ll be bored in Chicago? Well, that ain’t1 gonna2 happen! I can tell you from experience, you will run out of time before running out of things to do in this awesome city!

Chicago has something for everyone, so scroll through and find your niche3.

For the:

Chicago-kid at heart:

Grab a Chicago-style hot dog, ride the Ferris wheel, and watch the fireworks explode at Navy Pier.

Dog at heart:

If dogs plus beaches are your thing (as they are for me) then you’ll love the Montrose Dog Beach.

Cosmopolitan culturist:

Do any of these guys ring a bell: Seurat, Picasso, Van Gogh? If so, you’ll love the Art Institute Museum.

Skyline ice-skater:

Dress warm and skate down a frozen, lazy river at the Maggie Daley Skating Ribbon.

Sun-kissed bather:

Rub bare elbows with the city’s young and hip at Chicago’s popular Oak Street Beach.

Architect wannabe:

Float through Chicago and geek out4 to its architecture on the Architecture Foundation River Cruise.

Doughnut obsessed:

Line up at 8 a.m., enter a closet-sized bakery, and devour the gooiest doughnuts ever at The Doughnut Vault.

“Bougie”5 shopper:

Visit D&G and Prada, and count the Lamborghinis roaring by in The Oak Street Shopping District.

Posh grocer:

Browse this grocery’s rare foods and exotic cheeses, or bring a date to get delicious gelato at Eataly.

Conscientious grocer:

Explore this urban farmers market’s local foods while drinking some warm apple cider at the Green City Market.

Chicagoan foodie6:

Enter a Chicago-themed restro wonderland and eat all the Chicago-style food you can handle at Portillo’s.

Urban bookworm:

Read your favorite book in a sun-lit, glass-encased marble hall at Chicago’s Harold Washington Library.

Neighborhood Schmoozer7:

Mingle in with the locals at their neighborhood party and jam to live music during The Wicker Park Fest.


  1. Ain’t: contraction. “The words ‘is’ and ‘not’ put together”.
  2. Gonna: contraction. “The words ‘going’ and ‘to’ put together”.
  3. Niche: noun. “A suitable place for a person”.
  4. Geek out: verb. “To become fascinated by a subject”.
  5. Bougie: adjective. “Someone or something with expensive taste”.
  6. Foodie: noun. “Someone who likes food”.
  7. Schmoozer: noun. “Someone who likes to meet and talk to people”.

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