By Sushania Pryce, Work and Travel Participant, Summer 2011-2014

Sushania is a Work and Travel participant from Kingston, Jamaica who has been extraordinarily involved in all things Greenheart. She’s been a consistent member of the Greenheart Club and was an Ambassador Scholar in the summer of 2013. Her hard work and dedication to making our world a warmer, happier place has inspired the Greenheart Club to award her three Greenheart Service Grants! Sushania has used each of these grants to help the organization Angels of Love Jamaica and by doing so she has given joy-filled days to critically ill children. We appreciate all the work that Sushania has done and are excited to see all the amazing things she will continue to do in the future! Read about Sushania’s experience with Angels of Love below and watch the fantastic video she made!

Caring Hands was a project aimed at creating a fun filled day for our little Angels. It was in collaboration with other members of Angels of Love Jamaica and the surrounding community of Kingston Jamaica. Our main aim was to help take these children’s minds off being sick. The project started off with a meet and greet session with our little Angels at the popular Devon House in Kingston. We had a crayon and coloring book drive prior for our angels and spent the entire day with them. It was a beautiful Saturday morning and the children had the opportunity to fly kites, played football and color. It was truly an amazing day filled with activities and a great interactive session of getting to know our little Angels. All volunteers present got the opportunity to bond with the Angels and learned about their illnesses. Parents were not left out and they too got to partake in the day’s activities. We had lunch and also celebrated Angel Abby’s birthday.

Our Christmas treat was next and what a treat that was. Our little Angels got a chance to visit Hope Zoo andview all the different animals. The look on their faces showed how fascinated they were, and for some it was the first time seeing many of these animals such as lions, zebras and ostriches. After leaving the zoo our Angels were then treated to lunch. They received a pleasant surprise when Santa showed up with presents for all of them. They got their faces painted and played games, sang carols and had a great time.

Cancer kills more children than AIDS, diabetes, cystic fibrosis and congenital anomalies combined. Angels of Love is a non-profit organization aimed at raising money for critically ill children with a focus on pediatric cancer. We aim at creating a holistic form of care for these children who we affectionately refer to as Angels. We believe that every single life is precious especially the young ones, and as such should be protected. Children can’t fight cancer alone and we have recognized this and decided to help. I hope to continue bringing joy to these children for as long as I am able to do so. Thanks again to CCI Greenheart for allowing me to continue to do so. I am Greenheart.