By: Dan Munroe, Work and Travel Employer Relations Coordinator


It was a steamy hot afternoon along the San Andreas Fault in Palm Springs, CA. The Going Greenheart Tour sped along in a jeep filled with the smiles of five of our Work and Travel participants, who were taking a well-deserved day off from the hard work that they had been doing in Palm Springs.

Our guide led our Jeep into the dry desert sun, stopping to point out local plants and animals. Everyone was excited about being able to spot both a Road Runner and a Spotted Rattlesnake!


We started our journey by visiting a replica of an old Native American settlement. The guide explained to us that it was the Cahuilla Tribe who made their residence in the Palm Springs area, and inhabited this area years ago. He showed us what the tribe did to find food and water, as well as how they used the palm tree and other plants to make shelter and weapons. Our group was also able to sit in a replica of a sweat lodge. The guide explained that the men of the Cahuilla Tribe used the sweat lodge to try and mask their scents prior to going on hunts.


Next, we made our way to a replica mining town that was set up to show what life was like for early settlers in the area. There we saw what a jail, grocery store and telegraph station would have looked like at that time. The participants were even able to mine for a little gold as well!

The final leg of the journey was up into the mountains that surrounded the area. Thankfully our Jeep, a CJ-8 model, was able to handle the quick turns and tight crevasses of the desert terrain. We were given the opportunity to climb into some of the tighter areas that our Jeep couldn’t go into. This gave some of our participants one more chance to show off their smiles. We had a great time for sure!