By Chongyang Ma (Delta), Summer 2015 Ambassador Scholar

During my spare time in America I went to a lot of places, saw a lot of fantastic views, learned a lot of things, met a lot of people, and also met a lot of setbacks. That’s how I make progress and learn to be a grown-up. I am going to show you some of my “stops” in America.

As we all know, the Statue of Liberty is an icon of America. Like most visitors, my first stop was there. Listening to the long history about the statue, breathing in the sea breeze, and looking at one of the most amazing structures in the world, I felt like I was taken back to those days when people struggled to make this country what it is today. It was them who made this better world for all of us, and deserve all of our respect.

My second stop was Niagara Falls, the most famous waterfall in the world. I believe that everyone who has gone to this place can feel the power of nature. I was really shocked by its spectacle.

I believe that almost everyone can guess the name of my 3rd stop from my pictures. Yes, it’s Harvard University! In one of the photos, you can see the statue that we visited. We learned about the three misconceptions about the statue: the statue was not built in 1638 as it says on the foundation; Harvard is not the person who founded Harvard University; and the statue is not Harvard at all! I liked the campus. It reminded me of all of the happy moments at my university.

Before going to Cape Cod, I had been told that I have got to see the light houses – and I did! I went to Provincetown with some of my best friends in America. We had a great time together. We talked about the different cultures we are from.

I also went to Washington, D.C. to attend the Greenheart Global Leaders Conference. It turned out to be the best time that I had in America! I met a lot of students from different countries. They were all very nice and I believe that we all learned a lot from each other.

I learned how to say “I love you” in five different languages! The photo “Delta at Grilled Filet Mignon in Chinatown” is a photo of one of the most delicious dishes I had while I was in DC.

Life is made of different experiences. The most important thing is what we learn from those experiences. I love traveling, and I will certainly go to every place that I have been dreaming of. Keep dreaming! Go traveling! And stay young!

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