By: Renee Clarke, Work and Travel Employer Relations Manager

After 10 years, I was able to dust off my passport by attending CCI Greenheart’s international Job Fair in Romania!

Kissing my little ones and husband goodbye, I hit the international terminal with the same spark of excitement and absolute cluelessness that I had at age 15, ready to fill my stamp-hungry passport.

I did it all: I browsed duty-free goods in the airport, giggled at the offer of water “with gas or without” on the plane, and got my debit card eaten by an ATM in Vienna, Austria!

Yes, I forgot to notify my bank of my travels, but did I freak out? No, I called my colleagues at CCI Greenheart, who organized EVERYTHING, and they supported me through each step, such as:

  • Walking me through how to utilize What’sApp to call home for free.
  • Familiarizing me with transportation and accommodations.
  • Working with our partners at US Travel Romania who had my photo to identify me at the Bucharest airport.
  • Executing the professional set-up for the international Job Fair presentations and interviews.
  • Coordinating cultural activities, such as the tour of the city and a customized visit of Bucharest’s Palace of Parliament. My favorite experience, though, was the time spent at the Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum.
  • Assisting me in shopping for souvenirs for the wee ones back home.
  • Guiding me to sort out the debit card issue with my bank in the United States.

Attending an international Job Fair is easy since CCI Greenheart provides immense support for out-of-practice travelers! By gathering at the designated meeting points, CCI Greenheart prepares the traveler to embark on an unforgettable experience!

Get your passport ready and sign up for the CCI Greenheart international  Job Fair!