By: Bilian Zhang, Work and Travel Summer 2014 Ambassador Scholar

Bilian is a Work and Travel participant from China, who spent her summer working in Pennsylvania. Watch her video below to see more of Bilian’s travels!



In my free time, I cook for myself and for my friends. I find cooking to be so much fun. To be honest, I was not good at cooking before I came to the United States. I only knew how to cook some simple Chinese dishes. During my stay in U.S.A, I have had to cook for myself, so I have had the chance to practice cooking every day. I have learned about many new dishes from my Chinese friends and also international friends. The photo is the pasta I made. I’m very proud of my cooking skills now..


Speaking of traveling, I didn’t mention in my video, but my friends and I drove in the U.S.A. Because public transportation is not very convenient, we decided to drive to have a one-day-trip to Lancaster, PA. The distance was not far, but the experience was memorable. We could go wherever we wanted by driving our car. I still feel very excited when I recall our trip. Life on the road with good friends is unforgettable.


I traveled alone in New York. I didn’t book a travel agency because I think being a DIY traveler has more freedom, and I can visit many dream places. I looked forward to visiting many museums before I come to the U.S.A. I spent a long time in The Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Natural History. The feeling of satisfaction makes my travel meaningful to me.


This is the statue of Abraham Lincoln in front of the New York Historical Society. I hadn’t heard of this museum before. I was walking on the street after visiting the Museum of Natural History, and I saw this museum by coincidence. After I visited it, I found out that it was the first museum in New York. What a wonderful coincidence! I think this is the beauty of DIY traveling. You will never know what you will see in the next second! (To tell you the truth, Mr. Lincoln is a really tall and handsome man!)


I enjoyed my day shopping in New York. Window shopping on the 5th Avenue was cool. All of the world’s first-class stores are gathered on this street. I think it is part of the charm of New York City. The photo below shows the LEGO store in New York. The store is located in Rockefeller Center. All the models in the store are made with Lego plastic bricks. I felt like I had come into a store of fairy tales; everything was delicate and full of imagination and creativity. One can use these small plastic bricks to build a model of Rockefeller Center, a dragon, a house, a car, and almost anything! I really enjoyed hanging out in New York City without worrying about time.


I can only tell you about a small part of my free time and my traveling. It’s very interesting, right? In my opinion, traveling is a chance to see, hear, and feel an unfamiliar place with your heart. Just as there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes, I have a memory of New York City in my heart. Hope you can have a chance to have your own experience in New York City.