By: Joseph Burns, Work and Travel Employer Services Manager

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On June 26th, a group ofJ-1 Participants working at Indiana Beach in Monticello, Indiana, joined CCI Greenheart on a Greenheart Project to clean up the Monticello Tornado Memorial Park. The park was built to commemorate the tragic destruction and loss of life which occurred on April 3rd, 1973, when a massive tornado passed through the area. The park itself was designed by a local architectural student and constructed through the support of the generous donations. The park is maintained by the city of Monticello, with the help of volunteers throughout the community.

J-1 participants joined city workers to get down and dirty, and give the park a much-needed manicure. It is events like these that remind us that the Work and Travel Program is about more than just cultural exchange. Our volunteers in Monticello now have a greater sense of their host community and have proudly left their mark in this special place.


Then, On June 28th CCI Greenheart traveled to Mackinaw City, Michigan, for yet another conservation project. Participant volunteers from China joined forces with CCI Greenheart and the Little Traverse Conservancy to clear a quarter mile long trail, which was overgrown with plant life. The clean up was TOUGH. Participants battled mosquitoes,  prickers, and intense heat to clear the entire trail, but they never gave up. The results were clearly visible and participants left proud of what they had achieved. A few small cuts and bruises, and a lot of mosquito bites were no match for the group. And the best part? PIZZA!

As the Going Greenheart Tour pushes forth this summer season, Greenheart Projects are making a real difference in American communities across the United States. Go Greenheart!