By Joseph Burns, CCI Work and Travel Employer Services Coordinator


Earlier this month, CCI toured Central and Eastern Europe with 8 employers for job fairs in Kiev, Ukraine; Chisinau, Moldova; and Poznan, Poland. Students hired at the fairs will be working in the United States next summer as lifeguards, amusement park staff members, housekeepers, food service associates, and in a variety of other positions.

In addition to meeting CCI participants in advance at the job fairs, employers had the opportunity to learn first-hand about the customs and cultures of their future employees. Several even had the opportunity to visit with past participants for a full-circle, cross-cultural experience.

Job fairs allow for unique interactions between U.S. employers and Work & Travel participants, which contribute to long lasting personal and often professional relationships beyond the experience they share together on the program. CCI is proud of its continued contribution to this aspect of the Work & Travel Program, and is looking forward to welcoming our European participants in Summer 2012!