By: Ariana Puentes, Employer Services Coordinator

Did you know that there is an island off of Ohio?

There are actually several and these clusters of land make a great vacation spot and wonderful place for our participants to work and live. Located on the good ole’ Lake Superior, these islands are always bustling with tourists. This allows for our participants to have a lot of exposure to an aspect of the American culture and people.

Put-In-Bay is the main island that our participants reside during the busy summer months and I had the pleasure of visiting there during Put-In-Bay’s Historical Weekend. Marching bands, Ohio State fans, families, and artists filled the streets, parks, and businesses. I stopped by the different host organizations we with work and was able to see several of our participants hard at work. A bit overwhelmed by the crowds in these places, the participants looked unfazed. For them it was just another day in Put-In-Bay.

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