By: Lily Zhou, EachFuture Cultural Network. Work and Travel Partner 

In their third blog post, Chinese partner, EachFuture Cultural Network, describes the process for obtaining visa to participate on the Work and Travel Program in the United States with CCI Greenheart. Be sure to see how their process continues as EachFuture describes their Journey of a Partner. 

Issuance of DS-2019 Forms

EF1After our Job Fairs, we ask that our placed participants download their job offers, sign them and upload them back into CCI Online. Additionally, we issue invoices to our participants once they receive their job offers. The program fees will be collected only after the participants have received their job offers.

In order for our participants to obtain a visa, they must have a DS-2019 form. We request these forms from CCI Greenheart once it becomes apparent that the participants have been added to the governmental database, Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) and they have paid all their program fees. Normally we will receive these forms in two or three days, thanks to CCI Greenheart’s hard working and immediate responses.

Visa Interview Appointment

EF2To make the process a bit simpler, we at EachFuture request all visa interview appointments on behalf of our participants. All the visa interview appointments are made online.

First, the participants need to complete a DS-160 forms online. The DS-160 form is a required document for all American visa applications. Then, after a participant has paid their visa interview fees, we will then schedule their visa interview appointment.

Normally, we arrange for the participants to do visa interviews in groups. This is convenient and it helps the participants feel more confident.

Visa Interview Orientation

We hold two visa interview orientations for every group of participants. The first orientation is in their universities. EachFuture staff goes to the participants’ universities and hold an orientation on the documents the participants will need to bring to the embassy, because the interviews require a lot of documents from the universities and the participants’ families. To ensure that the participants have the right documents, we go through this process thoroughly with them.

EF3The second orientation is held in the visa interview cities the day before the visa interview. Our staff goes to the different visa interview cities, like Guangzhou, Shenyang, Beijing, Chengdu and Shanghai. This orientation pays more attention to visa interview skills, like the interview procedure, the FAQs of the visa officers and how to answer them, how to dress and speak properly, and even the preference of different visa interview officers.

Visa Interviews

Visa interviews are one of the most important parts in the Summer Work Travel Program. The participants are able to confirm that they can go to the United States and work, only after they are granted visas.

EF4EachFuture staff escort the participants to the embassy. They wait outside till the participants finish their interviews, so we can help participants deal with any emergencies and know the visa interview results without any delay.

EachFuture has had a visa approval rate of 98% so far this year. Over two-thirds of our participants have taken the visa interview this year and only six have received visa denials. We encourage the denied participants to try a second time, and even a third time.

Even with all the detailed preparation from EachFuture staff, the visa interview results depend on the performance of our participants, the judgment of the visa interview officers and providence. Visa season is one of our favorite times in the year. The participants are excited after getting the visas and then their joy passes onto us. I hope our friends at CCI Greenheart can also feel our happiness through this blog. We couldn’t have make it without you!