By: Jun Li, Summer 2015 Work and Travel Ambassador Scholar

I had an unforgettable day in Washington D.C. We took part in the Global Leadership Conference where we went to the Capital Area food bank to help sort different foods. Some of my friends helped classify different packaged meats to make sure they were ok to donate. We also played a little game to experience how a poor person might spend their money.

This really opened my eyes to what someone might deal with if they are in need of food. In China, there are still a lot of people in need, and they need support just like the Capital Area Food Bank offers.

I feel so proud to have volunteered with the food bank. It made me pay more attention to hunger from that moment on. I should tell more people about what I learned. Right now, many young people waste a lot of food and other things, and they think it’s okay (even me).

If everyone knew how many people aren’t able to provide food for their families, we would change. We would be able to save more food and items for them. There would also be more people paying attention to the hunger epidemic.

I know that the U.S. is a developed country, and many people are rich, but many Americans are also wasteful. Before I volunteered with the Capital Area Food Bank, I thought there wasn’t an issue of hunger in the U.S, but once I heard the speech given by the officer at the Food Bank my opinion changed.

I now know that hunger also means that people aren’t able to access healthy food or don’t have money to buy healthy food. So in that moment I realized that even in a developed country there can be poor people who cannot afford food. More people should do something to help them! Every little step we take can help those that are in need.

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