By: Jizell Dionisio, Work and Travel Spring 2014 Ambassador Scholar

Jizell Dionisio is a Work and Travel participant from the Philippines, working at YMCA in Colorado. In her third blog post, she shares how she enjoys her time volunteering in Colorado. 

Jizell2Throughout my stay at YMCA of the Rockies, I witnessed how dedicated each and every staff member is in fulfilling the YMCA’s mission. The YMCA aims to create programs and hire staff into an environment that builds a healthy mind, body, and spirit for all individuals. The YMCA conducts religious, educational, and recreational activities, which include summer camp experiences for boys and girls.

On May 6th, I was able to meet and work with the Museum Director and Historian, Carrie Essig, at the Lula W Dorsey Museum. Throughout the day, we preserved photographs taken back in the 90’s that captured what summer camp was like a few decades ago. The photographs were very important for both of us, because they allowed us to reminisce for a bit. Also, we cleaned and restored the beautiful artifacts that were being kept in the museum.


Most of the areas in the museum show what summer camp was like years ago, to let young boys and girls see how camping has evolved and how it was practiced by American ancestors.

PhotoGrid_1400038001269Volunteering at the museum made me feel amazingly happy, because I was able to catch a glimpse into the past and see all of the remarkable history. I was also grateful because the people that I worked with were very nice, and they were thankful for me, as they saw how eager I was to volunteer and share their mission. I am looking forward to working with them again soon, and I would like to see the look of amazement in every child’s eyes as they visit the museum.