By Büşra Nur KURT, ICEP Education Consultant 

We always can offer a hand to those who are struggling, so that is exactly what our Work and Travel volunteers with ICEP World (a CCI Greenheart international partner) did. Turkey’s national Disabled Persons week happens every year between May 11th and 17th. This was established in order to protect the rights of the disabled, and to further spread awareness of the on-going need for governmental support.

This year, ICEP WORLD Work and Travel participants attended a dinner hosted by Tepebaşı – the municipality of Greater Eskişehir, Turkey. The aim of this dinner was to get together with disabled persons, along with their family and friends to socialize and provide assistance.

During dinner, our participants accompanied them to their tables and sat together. They ate dinner, chatted, and shared their feelings, which was very sweet. It was clear to us that being a disabled person can be a very difficult life to lead, and our respect for our new friends grew even more.

You too can be involved in helping those around you that may have mental or physical disabilities. Volunteer your time and make a difference! For volunteer opportunities and donations you can visit Volunteers of America: People with Disablities.