By: Amber Hayes, Greenheart Cultural Outreach Manager

The Summer Work Travel program is an excellent opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of American culture because participants are immersed in U.S. culture every waking minute of the day. Participants get to share meals with Americans, visit historical sites, and work at a workplace where they are always speaking English and communicating with Americans. Want to learn what alumni of the Summer Work Travel program learned about the United States and American culture? Check out some observations below:

“A lot of things surprised me about American culture but the thing that surprises me most I would say is how genuinely helpful people I interacted with were. They always seemed eager to help and that stood out for me.” — Kenyata, 2016 participant

“What most surprised me was how children were confident and easy for express themselves, their necessities and knowledge.” — Fernanda, 2016 participant

“The celebrations [in the United States] started at night with get-togethers and house parties and lots of fireworks. Here in Jamaica, our national holidays, any holiday that we celebrate for that matter, are a great deal. Celebrations start from the mornings right back to midnight or the following day and you can barely find a store that is open on that day. People love the idea of togetherness and celebration of things that matter to all. Not saying the U.S. doesn’t, but the mode of celebration is totally different.” — Kimone, 2016 participant

“I think I was most surprised by American atmosphere of freedom. Here, I feel I can do what I want to do and accomplish my own dream instead of being limited by others’ thoughts. In my hometown, it seems that some people would like to follow the way which is provided by their parents, including career, major for studying etc.” Ting (Jane), 2016 participant

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